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RPK, a world leader in spring and metal components used for automotive and medical industries uses several industrial robots for automating their processes, which run 24/7. Amongst them, they use several collaborative robots and particularly, they employ UR5s in pick and place tasks. The cobots picks an empty tray from a conveyor and pile it into a cart for further processing. These trays are needed for the production of new springs. The pick and place task performed by the robot is thereby critical for continuity. No downtime is affordable. Availability is crucial.

The collaborative features of the robot are essential since operators often work nearby. Safety is a must, and the main reason behind selecting these cobots. RPK is well aware that without cybersecurity, safety can not be guaranteed so they seeked for a solution that protected these robots and helped ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality as well.


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Universal Robots

RIS protects robots producing metal parts

The customer has recognized that cybersecurity plays a central role in ensuring business continuity in their robotic processes and will do for the coming years, recognizing its scalability potential and its value for the corporation. The Robot Immune System (RIS) meets these goals by protecting robots from the inside-out. RIS helps reduce the risk of attackers compromising safety and availability due to cyber-attacks. It gets deployed directly into the UR5 robots from Universal Robots, hardens their file systems and communications, learns from their interactions and continuosly improves its security stance.

From July 2020 RIS is protecting RPK's UR5 from external cyberattacks building an additional layer of security into the company's OT infrastructure.

What is RIS?

The Robot Immune System (RIS) is a security certified software solution that protects robots and robot components against malware. Inspired by nature, it gets installed directly into your robotic system delivering an integrated suite of protection technologies.


An adaptative firewall. Blocks unexpected communications. Simple adaptation on-the-go.


Patches vulnerabilities. Removes unnecessary communications. Enforces security policies.


A forensics module. Registers and securely records all incoming communications and internal interactions.


Visualize and seamlessly interact with RIS. Re-train and control interactions with and within the robot.


A bio-inspired artificial intelligence that adapts to incoming security threats.

Alias Robotics' RIS protects RPK's collaborative robots

Since July 2020, the Robot Immune System (RIS) is protecting the collaborative robots of RPK from external cyberattacks building an additional layer of security into RPK operations. RIS is deployed in the UR5 series cobot securing it from cyberattacks.

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About RPK S. coop

RPK Sociedad Cooperativa is a cooperative corporation with headquarters in Vitoria-Gasteiz focused in the production of springs for industry and with offices and production facilities in Spain, Germany, Mexico, India and China. Established in 1974 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, it was born as a participative society that empowers workers into the corporation activities. In 1988, they opened a new productive plant in Vitoria-Gasteiz with the objective of becoming a key market player in the spring production and metal component industry. Today, the RPK group employs more than 700 persons and is able to provide spring-based solutions and products to different sectors, including the automotive or the medical industries among others.

As a cooperative corporation, RPK cares deeply about their workers and imposes strict measures that ensure both safe and secure operations. Security is at the core of their activity, ensuring that their robots and workers can collaborate safely. Beyond safety, RPK production lines are constantly operating, a requirement to serve their customers. By listening to the market demands, RPK is in constant innovation to deliver new products to the market.

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Javier Gordo, RPK Technological Director

"RPK’s cybersecurity strategy includes an-in depth OT-security strategy, where protecting robotic endpoints is an item we had in mind. We’re glad to have acquired RIS technology to our robotic endpoints to prevent malicious threats from impairing our productive processes and see the potential scalability within our organization. Alias Robotics has effectively helped our corporation as a warrant to our business continuity since July 2020".