About us

Alias Robotics is a cybersecurity firm focused on robots. We provide assessment on how to build, program and deploy robots while caring about safety, security and privacy.


A roboticists' approach to cybersecurity.

We aim contributing to a robot ecosystem where robots operate securely. This is, without presenting vulnerabilities that could be exploited by third parties.

Robotics is called to be the next industrial revolution. Robots will soon be everywhere. From assistive and entertainment robots used in our homes (consumer robots), to those used on assembly lines (industrial robots), all the way to robots used in medical facilities (professional or service robots).

However, similarly to what happened with the computer industry over the last decades, security is being underestimated. We claim that security, privacy and safety in robotic systems should clearly be recognized as one of nowadays major issues.

Cybersecurity for robots is an interdisciplinary effort, involving roboticists and computer security experts. Our team in Alias Robotics comprises talented roboticists, as well as machine learning and security researchers with passion for cyberphysical systems.

We focus on cybersecurity for robots using our expertise in building robotics systems while applying new techniques and approaches that make use of the latest artificial intelligence tools.

If you want to learn more about why we think robots need to be protected from threats, you can read here one of our first whitepapers: 'Robot Hazards: from safety to security'