About us

Robot cybersecurity. A security firm focused on robots. We provide assessment on how to build, program and deploy robots while caring about safety, security and privacy.


A roboticists' approach to cybersecurity.

Robots employed in industry are being replaced by collaborative robots, while professional and consumer robots are increasingly introduced in our daily activities.

The forthcoming generation of robots is being conceived and designed to get much more autonomy than traditional robots. Advances in robot hardware and AI are making it increasingly possible for robots to move freely in unstructured environments, including public spaces. Many of the new are meant to be connected to the Internet.

As robotics becomes increasingly intertwined with other facets of IT, concerns about the risk of data breaches or thefts, privacy losses and other negative impacts are gaining relevance. Manufacturers and end-users that fail to take a security-first approach now will suffer the consequences.

We contribute to build an ecosystem where robots operate securely and help companies identify vulnerabilities that could otherwise be exploited by third parties. We envision a future where robots operate along humans. In order to be safe and reliable, these machines have to be protected as they go mainstream and connected.

Security is about preventing the environment from affecting the robot. Safety cares about the robot not affecting the environment. Unsecure robots and unsafe. There is not safety without security. We offer robot security solutions and strive for an era of protected robots.


Cybersecurity for robots is an interdisciplinary effort. Our team comprises talented roboticists with world-wide experience, security researchers and machine learning engineers with a passion for cyberphysical systems.

We focus on cybersecurity for robots using our expertise in building robotics systems while applying new techniques and approaches that make use of the latest artificial intelligence tools.

We have built robot components and robot systems for years. Now, we focus on cybersecurity for robots using this expertise. Some of our early work in the robot cybersecurity area such as the Robot Security Framework (RSF) or the Robot Vulnerability Scoring System (RVSS) established new trends while collaborating with top security firms and organizations.